Why You Should Also Choose Auto Play In Online Casino?

Why You Should Also Choose Auto Play In Online Casino?

Almost all online casino software developers now offer auto play in their online casinos. This mode is offered to improve the game play. While many online gamblers will find auto play in online casino to be helpful, others may find it to be too mechanical and something that eliminates the fun of playing. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this feature.

What is Auto Play Mode?

Auto play mode runs based on pre-set betting parameters. So if you are playing online slots and want to play 50 spins in auto play, the pre-set parameters will be:

  • Same number of paylines
  • Same coin denomination
  • Same number of coins on each payline

But if you need to change any of these parameters, you cannot think of using the auto play mode. But if you are playing table games, some of them can allow certain changes in bets.

Advantages of Choosing Auto Play

Many players find it boring to click ‘spin’ every time the reels come to a halt. It would be more comfortable if all you have to do is set the betting parameters and watch the online casino real money game playing on its own. Auto play mode helps in eliminating the manual aspect of a game where you want to repeat the same numbers again and again.

Auto play allows you to wager on each game without having to take any action. You can continue playing free online casino games while also completing other functions on your computer. For example, you could play online slots in auto-play mode and then keep working on your PC until the number of spins is completed.

Some online casinos may provide some additional features within the auto-play mode. If a bonus feature gets activated, the mode may stop so that you can play the online casino bonus round. The auto-play mode may resume after you have played the bonus round.

Some of the main benefits of this mode are as following:

  • It helps in facilitating the overall game play.
  • The mode can play large number of spins without the need to press the spin button time and again.
  • You can place a wager without having to check it again.
  • In some cases you can also adjust the betting pattern within the auto-play mode.
  • In some cases the auto-play mode gets activated when a pre-set milestone is achieved.

Pre-Conditions for Auto-Play Mode

Many online casino games allow you to pre-set conditions so that the auto-play mode stops in between. For example, one condition can stop the mode when your cumulative winnings cross a certain amount. This helps you with the basic strategy in online gambling where you want to leave a game session when you have made certain profits.

Such limitations are offered by a limited few online casinos. But they are quite beneficial for players. If you cannot stop the auto-mode after winning the desired amounts, you are likely to lose your winnings in subsequent spins.

Some of the popular pre-conditions offered by certain online casino software developments are as following:

  • When you win a jackpot
  • When your winning amount exceeds a pre-set amount
  • When your cumulative winnings cross a pre-set limit
  • When your cumulative losses cross a pre-set limit

Despite these advantages there are some cons to the auto-play mode. If you allow the game to move on its own, you will not be able to enjoy the game yourself. Besides, you will not be able to learn anything new from different types of situations. But overall, this feature is designed for some types of players who want to simplify the repetitive nature of an online casino game.


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