Why split in Blackjack?

Why split in Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the oldest and most played casino games. With the advent of online gambling many players venture into trying out Blackjack without really knowing how to play the game. Granted that with the Auto Play feature most online casinos offer for a game of Blackjack, you really don’t need how to play the game because the software will calculate odds for you.

Still, if you were an online player looking to get in on a Blackjack Tournament with all the big winners out there you would probably fail miserably while trying to figure out a proper strategy. For this particular reason we’re writing up this articles, precisely to touch upon a well-known strategy in Blackjack called Splitting.

You have the option of splitting when the dealer gives out two cards of the same value. In this case you are allowed to split the two identical value cards into two separate, potentially winning hands. If you do decide to split be aware that this means you are placing another bet on top of your original one. The dealer continues to deal out one card per each of your hand.

The whole point of the splitting strategy in Blackjack is to try to turn a weak hand into a strong one. You are always advised to split eights and aces, and most other cards when the dealer has a card lower than eight. Also, it is not recommended to split fours, fives, and tens. In order to give you a more explicit example, consider the following hypothetical scenario:

If you are dealt two eights then your hand value is 16. Usually you would want to keep receiving cards because chances are the dealer will get a higher value than what you have right now. So, if you cannot ask for more cards since you might go bust, and you cannot stand on 16, you should split. After splitting you are more likely to obtain a value of 18 which is definitely a better stand than 16.

This is just a little taste of what you can do with the splitting strategy in Blackjack. Of course this will not yield a win every single time, that would just be crazy odds, but it will definitely keep you wining more in the long run. Still thinking about starting a career in Blackjack? It is not a bad idea, just make sure you brush up on strategy beforehand.


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