Why Poker is good for you

Why Poker is good for you

Many organizations oppose gambling by saying it has no real benefits. This is not true. Beyond the thrill and the enjoyment they bring people, games of chance can also teach us some pretty useful skills. For example by playing Blackjack you’ll learn about odds, variance and money management. While many other games can help you develop some real world skills, no other game does that more than Poker. It is after all one of the biggest gambling games worldwide. Hundreds of millions of people love this game that combines instinct, psychology, mathematical ability and luck.

When playing poker even the most basic player will have to employ some math skills if they want to achieve anything. Most Poker players will quickly learn the importance of calculating what are called “pot odds”, which is the amount of money a player could win versus the amount of money they risk losing to that particular hand. But the math in Poker goes well beyond that, you can examine the probability that a player holds a certain hand given the variety of possible hands you’d expect him to have.

A second skill you will get a better grasp on is strategy. Outthinking your opponents can be one of the most important factors for a very experienced player. You can employ advanced game theory like mixed strategies and exploitative strategies. For example you might notice that people around the table are wary about paying big raises. This means that you can try bluffing more often in order to force them out of the game and assure you the win.

Another skill you’ll really need is controlling your emotions. When playing Live Poker, most players will try to keep a close eye on the competition. Even the tiniest micro-gesture could give you away to an experienced player. That’s why you have to stay cool-headed and assume the infamous poker-face.

And last but not least you’ll also pick up some money management skills. You’ll have to learn about things like bankrolls and emergency funds. A bankroll means making sure that you always have some backup money so you never completely run out of money. This also means you have to choose what tables you are going to play at depending on their bet limits.

So if you’ve ever wondered how professional poker players do it, these are the four main skills you have to master in order to reach that level of play. Of course, like in everything, a little talent never hurt anybody either.


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