When dealer hits soft 17 in a 2-deck game

When dealer hits soft 17 in a 2-deck game

As far as Blackjack strategies go it is essential for all players, whether incipient, advanced or even professional, to know that there are various ways of going about it when the dealer hits a specific number or card hand. Specifically, the number 17 is wildly important because of the fact that certain casinos will have the dealer act in one way or another depending on the set rule.

If you didn’t know this, then you most likely need to brush up on basic Blackjack rules and strategy before ever considering venturing into a game of chance. In any case, keeping your eyes peeled to what the casino rules are and what is literally written on the Blackjack table can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Also good to keep in mind is the fact that the lower the number of decks that are used in the game the higher the winning chances are for the player. In a regular 2-deck card game, and in most other to be honest, we would recommend that you never take insurance, also known as even money. If the casino rule specifies a no row for splitting then your hand will be a hard hand when you have two 5s or two 10s.

Also, if the re-splitting rule is unavailable your hand automatically becomes a hard hand. It is important to know these slight differences in gameplay and casino rules because it determines the whole flow of the game, how the cards are played, how the bets are placed, and most importantly, the outcome.

In our present case, we are talking about the situation in which the dealer receives a hand containing a soft 17, and within a 2-card game he is obliged to hit for another card. A soft 17 hand is when the Ace, considered at a value of 11, pairs up with a card value of 6, or even 2 card value of 3. If your hand contains an Ace and a 7 and 9, the hand is still at 17, seeing as the Ace is counted as a 1, but the hand is no longer soft, it is a hard hand, which makes it a hard 17.

When the dealer gets this hand then it is up to the casino rules to dictate if the dealer should hit or stand. In most cases when the dealer has a soft 17, up to your hand being a pair of 7s, you really should hit that Hit button. If the casino rules specifies that the dealer should ask for another card then you might be in luck because this might lead him to a bust.

If the rule is to stand, again, you might be in for a treat, since you might receive a very good card, or even hit BJ, in which case you are the clear winner of the hand and of course you can also take home the bet, or continue betting.

As a general rule of thumb always remember that when forced to always hit or always stand it is definitely more favorable to stand.


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