What to do to become a casino dealer

What to do to become a casino dealer

In a regular casino scene you’ll meet various players with different skills, pokies fans, and whales. There are still some people that get overlooked and not a lot of information exists about their role in the casino: the dealers.

The dealers are the ones that will meet and greet you at the felt tables. They can give you the rundown of the game rules and get you started off towards a successful game. A popular dealer knows how to play a flawless game, how to hand out the cards, and although surrounded by multiple players in a rather stressful environment, they can keep a positive attitude and a smile on their face for the duration of their shift.

There are of course pros and cons when starting a career as a dealer, as with any job really. You’ll want to do your homework and really take a good look at the wage you’ll be getting as a starting-out dealer. You’ll want to make sure that the night life is the right fit for you. Many enthusiasts jump right into it without considering the fact that being a dealer implies a special kind of schedule you’ll be working on.

And, you’ll want to ask friends or even go into a casino and chat up the dealer to find out more details, like what kind of tips they make and so on. The best thing about becoming a dealer is that the schooling part doesn’t take that long. You can become a certified dealer in less than two months and be ready to take on quite a varied array of games.

The training costs are generally under $1000, depending on the number of games you want to learn and what type of games you’re looking to get certified in. A blackjack player can be ready to go in 3 to 6 weeks, but longer, more detailed training is also available. It really depends on what school inspires the most confidence for you.

On average, and depending on each casino, a starting out dealer can get anything from $6, to $7, even $9 per hour with this number going up as you gain experience. But, the most attractive part of being a dealer are in fact the tips you will receive from the players. Usually the players want to sit well with the dealer and will share in their winnings when they enjoy a properly dealt game.

If a player uses his skills to win big, you can bet that you’ll have your share of the glory when the cash out time hits. But, aside from that perk, it is generally satisfying to see people win what they deserve, especially when they really know the game and deserve their reward.

There are a few downsides, we must be honest, but most of them are pretty insignificant when compared to what you’re gaining. Of course you’ll be meeting tons of people, hear interesting stories, and even witness some memorable events, but this will all be happening while you’re standing up. Not being able to sit down for a long period might sound daunting but trust us, when you’re stuck to an office chair 8-9 hours of your day, standing doesn’t sound so bad.

Now, don’t panic. Dealers generally get 1 hour of dealing and 20 minutes break so it’s not a bad deal in the end. The only other significant downside that you must prepare yourself mentally are bad players. We’re saying this because more often than not these are the people you’ll be hearing all kinds of “nice” words from when they luck starts going downhill. We imagine they think their losing streak is somehow related to the dealer, which is of course absolutely ridiculous.


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