What to choose – online or land-based casino?

What to choose – online or land-based casino?

All over the world gamblers are trying to figure out whether to play online or visit land-based casinos. A state of uncertainty is also looming over the casino operators as efforts to legalize online gambling world-wide are persisting, although still meeting resistance and constant challenges from opposing parties.

A good example is the movement for legalization of internet gambling in the United States of America. For one, there is a need to refresh state budgets and online gambling might just be the answer. The idea behind this movement is to stimulate economies and add some hefty revenues to the somewhat declining tax budgets.

Although experts say that the land-based revenue should not be directly affected by the apparition of more online operators, casino owners might soon be faced with two explicit choices: either to focus their attention on growing their land-based image and attracting new gamers, or to turn their sights on online gaming and attempt to take a chunk of the newly established internet gambling slice for themselves.

The obvious difference between operating a land-based versus an online casino is that there are considerably lower costs for functioning online. So, sure, the revenues from online gambling will most likely not be in the hundreds of millions as first predicted, but will surely signify a larger percentage of tax revenue going towards the regulating state compared to revenues coming from land-based income.

Another plus for online gamblers is that they do not have to invest extra money on travelling, accommodations and even travel insurance, gas, and renting a car, because gambling online excludes these situations and allow the players to indulge in a gaming session out of the comfort of their own homes.

Of course that there are more benefits to playing from home: you can direct time towards other tasks at the same time as trying to win money online; you can switch games at the click of a button; you can even spend time with the family while taking a furtive look towards those spinning reels to see if you’ve won; the possibilities are literally endless in the virtual world.

One distinct difference between land-based and online casinos is that most often the land-based ones employ quite a larger amount of workers. This is not to say that online casinos do not have plenty of employees, but, their hiring does refrain to lower numbers as opposed to the hundreds of thousands that you can plainly see inside a casino establishment.

Overall, the idea is that for the time being it might be more prudent for operators to choose to conduct their business either online of off-line, in land-based establishments, rather than take a stab at owning both business models.


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