What poker pros are saying on Twitter

What poker pros are saying on Twitter

The end of the famous WSOP tournament gave rise to a lot of chatter over social media platforms. Twitter was no exception and poker pros were writing left and right about their experiences with the poker tournament.

The traditional WSOP ended giving way to the WSOP National Championship. Naturally players the caliber of Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth will try to steal away Dominik Nitsche’s status, plus a coveted WSOP bracelet will be part of the prize.

Hellmuth took the spotlight this past week and of course it was all over Twitter. He met up with Tiger Woods at the Pinehurst golf course and mentioned that “Tiger Woods and I play Blackjack together, hand out together and talk about the similarities with our games. He and I get our emotion out right away and then we take time to calm down. There is more skill involved when Tiger plays. I can play perfectly and be out in the first hour.”

Doyle Brunson, on the other hand, left a tweet about young gambler that sounded like a mix between serious and comical: “I laugh at the young poker players who eat super healthy foods, then discuss what kind of drugs they are going to take partying. #sostupid.”


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