What celebrities have to say about gambling?

What celebrities have to say about gambling?

We’ve all heard the occasional gossip that that celebrity lost an incredible amount of money gambling, and this celebrity was spotted at the casino at 7 in the morning. Real stars play real money and they don’t shy away from the risks involved. Granted, anyone that makes a few millions from playing in a movie is sure to afford that kind of loss. Still, some celebrities are actually good at the games and manage to take home some really nice winnings.

Super famous Joe Rogan, mostly known from his stand-up acts, admits to having witnessed some gambling in his family. An Irish-Italian mix, it is no wonder that Rogan has some pretty funny stories about his family’s gambling habits. On a recent podcast Rogan admitted that “There was some gambling in my family. My grandmother was involved in running the numbers and she got arrested, and she wouldn’t rat them out so they put her in jail for 6 months. She would make sweaters for the guards and shit.” Although it is clear that some part of this story implies illegal betting, Rogan did not give any more details on the matter.

Another voice spotlight regular, al Michaels recount the times his father took him to the horseraces. “In those years, if you were less than 18 years old and you were accompanied by a parent, it didn’t matter. But what I would do – he would teach me how to read the racing from past performances – so I had tout sheets when I was like 14 years old…When Roosevelt Raceway had been refurbished in Westbury…on the second day of the meeting at the refurbished Roosevelt Raceway I picked the horse named “Al Jareen” at 75-to-1 and the horse won, so after that I would do tout sheets and the neighbors would come buy them for a buck and a half…and that’s how I became “Big Al at Westbury”….I thought [the horse] was a good choice because I looked at the horse and said ‘This horse shouldn’t be 75-to-1, this should be about 20-to-1′.”

Not quite a conventional bet, it is said that Russell Crowe, while on the set of “Gladiator” actually lost £2000 for wagering he could throw oranges into a bucket located several stories down from where the throwing would ensue. Not sure if he’s got a gambling affliction but he sure as hell has bad aim. Sorry Russell, you should have thought about it for a bit before risking to wager.

Betting on sports can sometimes be a highly lucrative thing, especially when there are only players involved and the chances are 50/50. While Mark Wahlberg and P. Diddy both wagered $250.000 on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, only one of them came out the victor. The winner of the game, Mayweather, assured that P. Diddy would be the winner of the bet.

It’s sometimes funny what celebrities will put their money on but it sure makes for a good story. We’ve honestly picked the least devastating ones, as sometimes celebrities, and even regular people don’t know when to stop and end up losing it all. A word of caution: if you’re not looking to be a pro gambler, better do it as a hobby and don’t invest too much into it, or you might end up like some miserable high rollers that lose millions of dollars in one night.


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