What casino games you can play and win at

What casino games you can play and win at

If you’re wondering if there are any casino games out there that can be beat, you are in luck, because we have the answer. The definite answer is YES. Casino games can be beat but, a few words of caution: Knowing the rules and growing the skills are a must if you want to become successful at gambling. Granted, every game has its risks and just because you are a versed player this does not guarantee you a win each time.

Below is a list of casino games that can be beat. All you need to do is immerse yourself into learning all there is to know about the particular game you want to take a shot at, and then follow the things you learned while practicing your skills.

  1. Poker

    is on top of this list for good reason. The truth is that, because you are playing this game against other players, and not against the dealer, chances of winning are automatically increased. The casino will put in a lot more effort for winning when compared to the effort other players put in to win. So, get an edge on Poker and ensure you come out smiling by trying a few good tutorials, reading some good books, and even playing for fun with your friends, before venturing into a real Poker game.

  2. Blackjack

    is another player favourite, for the same reason why people love playing Poker: you can employ a good strategy to beat the game. In Blackjack card-counting can be employed, although a lot of casinos are against this rule, it is not illegal. Granted, you must put in the proper amount of time for learning the process and your math skills must be in the higher limits, otherwise you might be trying endlessly with no result in sight.

  3. Craps

    can also be beat but the chances are pretty slim since it involves being able to control the dice throw. So far, in the world, there is only one known Craps player said to be able to manipulate the dice to throw whatever number he wills. Still, this takes years and years of practice, so, unless you have all this time on your hands, we don’t really recommend it.

  4. Progressive games

    , such as Video Poker, Slots and the Lottery, can also be beat, although you must keep an eye out for the proper payout periods when there are higher odds you will hit a jackpot than any other time. With Poker, even if it is not an easy game, you are given the opportunity of using strategies to increase your chances. This does not go for slots, which are almost purely games of chance, or lottery, with which you risk having to split the reward with other winning players.

  5. Tournaments

    are also a good place to be winning since you are playing against real players and not the casino. But, you do have to make sure the game you are playing is skill based. This way you can practice becoming a winning player by employing the strategies particular to the game you’re betting on.


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