Weird Poker games

Weird Poker games

Poker has become one of the biggest names in the world of gambling mostly due to all the Poker tournaments that take place every year. But there are a lot of variants for the game which can sometimes look completely crazy when you first start playing them. Here are some of the more popular ones.


This one starts off pretty similarly to Texas Hold’em but it quickly changes it up. To start off all the players will get three face-down cards which will be followed by the first round of betting. Then a three-card flop will be laid out. At this time the players will have to discard one of their cards and enter a second betting round. Two more cards will be dealt to the board, followed by yet another betting round. Finally all of the players will receive a single face-up card. In the showdown players will have to use at least two of their three cards together with the cards on the flop.

Buffalo Stud

All of the players get three face-down cards in this one. The rest of the game will be played like 7-Card Stud but all the cards will be face up. When it’s time for the showdown a player can use no more than two of his three cards. Besides these differences the game is just a pretty simple variation on 7-Card Stud.


This is yet another variation of Hold’em. All players will start off with five cards, with another five face-down cards being placed in the center of the felt. These cards can be used in any player’s hand. You will turn these cards over one at a time, followed by a round of betting each. When it’s time for the showdown, players can use any combination of their five cards in their hand and those on the table.


This is a version of 7-Card Stud in which the high spade in the hole takes half the pot. Obviously if you start the game holding the ace of spades you are guaranteed to get half the pot. There is also a version called Low Chicago in which the lowest spade will take half the pot instead. There are other versions which use the same mechanic only with another suit. There is Philadelphia for hearts, Detroit for clubs and Beverly Hills for diamonds.


This is yet another 7-Card Stud variant which also uses a community joker. This joker will just sit in the middle of the table as a community card which anyone can use. The best part is that it is wild so it can replace any card you want in your particular hand. Beyond this the game is exactly like 7-Card Stud with all of the regular betting rounds.


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