Using cards in the game of Craps

Using cards in the game of Craps

Many casinos have picked up on the trend of using playing cards in the game of Craps. Here are some of the most popular ways in which you can incorporate cards into a Craps game.

Agua Caliente

This uses twelve cards, six cards from ace to six from two separate decks with different color back sides. These cards will then be shuffled and spread all across the table face down. The very first card of each color from one end will be used to represent the roll, thus the odds will be exactly the same as with a pair of dice.


Here six cards will be used, which are numbered one to six. These will be randomly placed all around the table in six positions. By rolling two dice you will determine which of those cards will be turned over, thus determining the outcome for betting purposes. With each new player that has to roll the dice the cards will be re-arranged. The odds of doing this will be exactly the same as in regular Craps.


Two six-card decks will be used, one with a red back and one with a green back. Every shoe has cards from Ace to six. From each shoe six cards will be dealt and then two dice will be thrown, one red and one green. The outcome of the dice will determine which of the cards will be turned over and these will represent the roll.


In this variant two partial decks will be mixed together, each of them containing all four suits ranked ace to six. Thus there will be 48 cards in total. Two cards will be drawn without being replaced. If they happen to have the same suit, there will be no action. Otherwise, those two cards will represent the roll.


This style uses a 73-card which consists of 12 each of cards from ace to six plus one joker. Then two cards will be drawn in order to determine the roll. If the first card happens to be the joker there will be no action and two new cards will be drawn. If the joker instead turns out to be the second card, it will match the first card. The odds here are exactly the same as in conventional Craps. This variant also offers a side bet for the Joker. If the first card is a joker it will pay 60 to 1.


This game is generally dealt at a blackjack-sized table which is called “Card Craps”. A shoe containing 264 cards will be used, consisting of 44 cards each of ranks ace through six. When creating this deck they start off with five 54-card decks (each with 9 cards from 1 to 6) and then they will remove one of each face to make things easier for the shuffler. As per usual two cards will be drawn to stand in for the roll. Because of the non-replacement aspect of this game, the odds are quite different from conventional Craps.


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