Types of Bonus Bets in Online Slots Games

Types of Bonus Bets in Online Slots Games

Slots games are the most widely played online casino games in the world. They are popular for many reasons with the most important ones being their massive jackpots and so many bonus bets. Online casinos offer a wide range of bonus features that keep you engaged while also rewarding you more money to boost your bankroll and gaming experience.

Online Slots Bonus Games

The best free online slots casinos offer special bonus games which get unlocked in game when you are able to achieve different combinations on the reels. Many times these are offered as video-based games. Many such bonus games are theme-based and have fascinating storylines. But some can be quite simple, such as the player being required to select 1 out of 5 treasure chests.

If you want to get more entertainment from a game while being able to win some extra money, bonus games are beneficial online slots features. While some bonuses can be skills based, others can be random. But triggering free online slots with bonus features is by pure chance and doesn’t have anything to do with your skills.

Free Spin Bonuses

Free spins are the most common bonus features in free online pokie games. They can get triggered in so many ways, but the most common trigger is when you hit 3 or more scatter symbols. Many online slots also have games in which the free spins can get retriggered during the bonus game.

Free spins are reel-based bonuses where you are rewarded with additional spins. You are rewarded free spins mostly when you get a specific combination on the reels.

Some of the other types of bonus features on free slots online games are as following:

  • Sliders – Some reel slots games have slider icons which move 1 spot on the payline or replace positions with other icons on a different payline. They could help you get winning combinations.
  • Wilds – These icons, when they appear on a payline, can be replaced with any icon that you want in order to get the winning combination. You can also use wilds as a multiplier in free online slot machines with bonus games.
  • Cascades – This bonus feature in online slots appears on the payline and can be replaced with other symbols. Cascades are mostly wild symbols which can increase your payouts when they are used as multipliers.
  • Hold n’ Spin – This bonus feature allows you to hold some reels while allowing others to spin faster. Hold n’ Spin can help you in increasing your winning payouts.
  • Tumbling Reels – This feature is also quite popular with online slots games players. You can win several times on a single spin. Currently, it is offered by a single software developer.

Pick to Win Bonus Games

This bonus game is offered many times when you play free online pokies. They are simple to play and can get triggered when you get a specific number of bonus symbols lined in specific way. You will then be required to click anywhere on the video slot screen with the intention of uncovering large number of coins there.

Gamble Features

Some of the best online slots games offer ‘gamble’ feature when special situations are triggered. Such features are especially found in ‘fruit machines’. One of the simplest forms of this feature gives you the option where you have to predict the color or suit of the play card displayed in a video. If you can make the right guess, your winning amount gets doubled. A wrong guess means losing the won amount.


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