Tutorial on Keno – the Chinese Bingo game

Tutorial on Keno – the Chinese Bingo game

A game originally invented in China, the name of the game Keno actually has Latin and French roots. The game became so popular in China that it actually became part of a legend that attributes the saving of an ancient city in times of war to the game. Some even say that the Great Wall of China was funded by citizens through playing Keno.

A lot has changed since the game was first played by Chinese people. They used to play the game on printed sheets that contained the first 80 Chinese characters from the Thousand Character Classic. Nowadays, the draw is determined by 4 different means, and no, they do not involve paper at all.

The first variant employs the traditional “Rabbit Ear” blower, similar to the one used with Bingo. The second is an AKV and automated blower that is completely computerized and the encoded numbers are run through a keno system. The third version depends on a RNG, a Random Number Generator, which runs electronically, and last, but not least, the “Hand Cage” which spits out random numbers which are then read by an actual person.

Aside from being played in a traditional casino, in a place specifically built called the Keno Lounge, the game is also played through state lotteries, and even in bars and corner stores. Some places also have an actual video Keno machine, much like the sister slot machine, that naturally progresses much faster and you can get instant wins when played.

Key steps for playing Keno

The fun thing about Keno is that you can vary the number of spots you choose. This can increase your chances of winning it big while lowering the odds or lower the pot while increasing the winning odds.

  • First and foremost, you must choose your Keno ticket.
  • Then you should choose your wager to make sure your ticket has a value that your budget permits.
  • Now, you must pick 20 spots, at random, or in any sequence you like, and mark them with an X.
  • After this process ends, the 20 random Keno balls selection procedure with ensue.
  • This is the time when you have to pay special attention to the number results to see if you have won.
  • If your ticket is a winning one then, depending on the style of Keno you chose (online, machine, or casino), you can cash in your winnings in the way specified by the vendor.
  • If your ticket is a losing one, sadly, all you can do is recycle it. But, hey, that’s a good thing too.

Whether you’re playing in a casino, on a keno machine, buying tickets from a state lottery, or are such a passionate Keno-er that you just have to play the traditional way on rice-paper sheets, Keno will sure provide a time well-spent. Aside from the social factor, since you will most likely be meeting a lot of interesting Keno aficionados, Keno can also provide quite the big winning if Lady Luck shines her light upon you. Now that you know the name of the game, you can go forth and try your chances at this older than the Chinese Wall game of chance.


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