Top 6 Casino Scenes In The Movies

Top 6 Casino Scenes In The Movies

Hollywood has always has a passion for casinos. The same has been the case with movie fans all across the world. Casino scenes have always added another dimension to movies and raised their value. Here are top 6 scenes in movies that most people will like to remember.

Rain Man

If you are looking for arguably the best card counting movie scene, Rain Man has perhaps the best to offer in this list. Raymond Babbitt (Dustin Hoffman), despite being autistic, has amazing skills combined with his photographic memory that help him with his card counting skills in the movie. In one of the best online casino games scenes in the movie, he counts cards in a game of blackjack and wins a massive amount.

Casino Royale

This James Bond movie has the poker tournament playing the central role in the overall storyline. The final hand in the tournament is one of the most captivating online casino real money scenes in movies. It is quite intriguing that the hands include:

  • Nut flush
  • Better full house
  • Full house
  • Straight flush

The reveal is directed in such slow pace that it tests the patience of even the most novice gamblers. But it is that kind of scenes that make James Bond movies so special. The best thing is that it’s done to an unmatched level of perfection.

Movie ‘21’

The move ‘21’ is a popular movie on blackjack where the famous card-counting team from MIT wins a massive amount of money in Vegas, Atlantic City and other global casino destinations. There are so many good casino scenes in this movie but the best is perhaps the one where Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) goes on tilt and almost throws away the entire plan.

Poker Scene from Ocean’s Eleven

This move is not about online casino games. It is all about Daniel Ocean (George Clooney) and his group going out to rob three casinos. The poker scene from the initial part of the movie is considered the best casino scene here. It reminds you of the classic Hollywood casino scenes, where George Clooney and Brad Pitt are playing.

The Hangover

The movie ‘The Hangover’ may not be about casino games or online casino bonus, but it has a 3-minute scene from blackjack table where Alan (Zach Galifianakis) wins a staggering $80,000. Interestingly, he learns the rules of card counting from a book a short while before sitting on the table. He and his group use the money to save their friend Doug.
Interestingly, that is not all that makes this casino scene special. There is an homage at the start of the scene to another popular blackjack movie scene.


The movie, starring Vince Vaughn, has a scene where his character, Trent, gets Mike Peters (Jon Favreau) to head to Vegas to help him get out of a bad situation. This leads to a hilarious scene where Mike sits on a blackjack table with $100 minimum bet and buys in for $300 while trying to give an impression that he is a high roller. Trent on the other hand keeps coaching his friend on how to double down on 11.

Matt Damon-starring Rounders is a pokier movie, which interestingly was not a big hit when released. But over the years it has gained massive popularity. There have been so many movies with casino scenes that have gained a cult-like following. Many of them may not have been casino-focused movies, they have still made a big name among fans.


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