The world’s most amazing Blackjack player

The world’s most amazing Blackjack player

Edward Thorpe is known worldwide for his exceptional mathematical skills employed in the game of Blackjack. Ken Uston was notorious in Blackjack circles and Stanford Wong took the world by storm with a variety of talents amongst which were playing Blackjack, writing, and successfully owning a publishing company.

Sure, these guys made Blackjack history and will forever be remembered as some of the greatest players, but, there is one player that managed to outdo them all. If not through the level of skill, then through the use of innovation and exceptional visionary mindset, Don Johnson can be viewed as one of the most amazing Blackjack players of all time.

Yes, Johnson is amazing at Blackjack, but what made him stand out was his audacity to propose casinos a deal. The amazing fact here is that Don Johnson employed merely basic strategies for playing Blackjack and managed to beat the house. He shower professional players world-wide that the house can be beat and the house edge can be minimized so that it has not ultimate effect on your winnings.

He made himself known at the age of 49 due to his great Blackjack playing strategies. He started playing in Atlantic City and took a few casinos by storm, including the Tropicana. Johnson began playing with a bankroll of $100,000 and eventually pushed out other players from the game. The reason for this was that the game lasted more than 12 hours and while some players were running out of money others still were running out of patience.

At the end of the game he raked in a massive $5.8 million, stood up, cashed his winnings and calmly made his way home. This huge win made him an instant Blackjack star and he gained notoriety around blackjack circles.

During a playing streak starting with the end of 2011 and ending with the beginning of 2012, Johnson amassed a $4 million fortune from Blackjack earnings. Of course that while Johnson was at the tables he was being closely monitored by the casinos. The casinos must have thought that he was cheating then in one way or another.

The casinos were assuming that Johnson either counts cards or uses some new playing strategy that no one knew about yet. Casino experts started spreading the rumour that Don was in fact card counting. He furiously denied the allegations and stated that he only uses a few simple Blackjack strategies in order to minimize the house edge and beat the house.

The dealers actually corroborate his statements since they are the closest ones that can really monitor don’s activities precisely. Johnson attributes his passion for gambling to his horse jockey career. He wanted to find out what the fuss is all about in gambling and started investigating the rules and conditions that some casinos imposed on players.

He continues to affirm that his knack for the game comes from the fact that he has actually played thousands of hands, beside the fact that he is a very good mathematician.


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