The story of a poker pro

The story of a poker pro

Some poker pros didn’t start off with a huge bankroll that would allow them to experiment, win some, lose some, pick up and start again. Some poker pros have an unbelievable story worth sharing with the world. Especially if they started at ground zero. This is what happened for King Krab, one of internet’s most proficient poker players.

His story begins with finishing college. He managed to get hired into a rather large corporation and for the next few years he was on top of his game. Work and dating were the only two occupations he was seriously involved in and all was well in King Krab world.

One event took place that changed his whole universe. As often happens in large firms management had a change of gears. New management often means people being laid off, re-structuring the hierarchy, new rules to abide by, etcetera. Although Krab did have the luck of remaining employed, he quickly went from manager’s favourite- which was solely due to his hard-working attitude, to manager’s daily bullying go-to person.

There were other factors involved, other wannabe managers lurking around spreading false rumours, but the fact remained that his glass was filling up faster and faster. This happened for several months, getting stepped on by various self-entitled individuals that will break skulls on their way up, until Krab finally had the guts to quit his work, just like that, and this forced him into giving up his apartment.

Naturally, this led him to living on the streets, and although he describes the other homeless people as mild mannered, life on the streets is no party. The hardest part wasn’t scraping for food or even sleeping in parking lots. The biggest challenge he faced was to overcome the near mental breakdown he was headed for.

He had no wish to work for the “sharks” again and spend the rest of his life like just another cog in a “well-oiled machine” and yet he needed some social and intellectual stimulation to keep him from becoming “comfortable” in his current situation.

He pondered for some time and the idea that he was actually pretty good at college poker stuck. He had been a regular winner at the local card rooms and even won in the Live 1/3 and 3/5 games. He was determined to take this past positive experience and turn it into a present success story. He gathered about $2000 from wherever he could and whatever friends were still willing to trust in him and headed to California.

His goals began to shape up and he knew he wanted to be a winning player. He was aiming at a 10k bankroll and was looking forward to again having a decent apartment to live in. He started his gambling career in Southern California on a Thursday at midnight. He didn’t think twice about it and just went for it all-in.

The first experience was not the greatest. Players at the 1/2 table in California were nothing like his college poker mates and didn’t care who was losing as long as they won. He realized that his current bankroll would not allow him to indulge in the slow curve of learning the game and so he started getting his hands on any information that could help him gather up skills. He signed up for a poker forum.

He started noticing that there are various types of player, from talkers, sharks, and angle shooters to tourist, vacationers, and whales. By taking notice of the differences and similarities between himself and other he was able to create a clearer image of whom he was up against. He chose his tables extra carefully and took advantage of the prime-time weekend days.

Slowly but surely he ended up winning the equivalent of a decent yearly salary, approximately $35,000. He did not get rich off playing poker but he did learn quite a few great lessons on the way and is not thoroughly enjoying the liberty of choosing his own “office hours”.


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