The state of internet gambling in New Jersey

The state of internet gambling in New Jersey

The issue of whether or not to allow independent states to regulate their own online gambling laws is still in full-blown discussion in the United States. Casino expert predictions that state and casino revenues will increase exponentially once this process in in full swing have fallen quite short of the mark causing many initially excited states to reconsider the go ahead with passing the law for online gambling.

Among the states that have already set measures in motion for legalizing and regulating internet gambling, only Delaware and Nevada, two states that have entered a compact, are really making headway in offering their citizens the coveted online gambling option. The aforementioned states also oppose the RAWA act and Sheldon Adelson’s anti-online gambling efforts, with a Delaware Representative stating that the country’s Constitution is built on the idea that each state shall have the right to regulate lawmaking as they see fit and act independently from the overseeing government.

As it stands, New Jersey is firmly continuing with legalizing online gambling and has recently been accepting submissions for internet gambling licenses from online casino operators. The New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division has confirmed having recently received applications from 37 companies that are very interested in grabbing a chunk out of the rapidly growing online gambling market developing in supporting states.

With the launch of legalized online gaming looking to take place later this year, companies have had to send in proposals by this past Monday, July the 27th. Only the approved firms will have their names published at the end of the reviewing process. The launch is scheduled for November of this year and Atlantic City casinos are expected to come up to par by offering online gambling in one form or another.

Firms that did not complete their proposal submissions by the said deadline will not be able to open their virtual door by November, although the state of New Jersey is still receiving applications.


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