The Satellite casinos project is taking big steps

The Satellite casinos project is taking big steps

In Harrisburg, the idea of casinos expanding across the state by satellite facilities that would incorporate more than 250 slots, has met a lot of opposition.

One general manager of a big casino claimed this process to be extremely detrimental to the main casinos.

The slots satellite casinos are more of an attempt from the Senate to enforce casino gambling online.

Some believe that gaming would attract more customers to land based casino especially the younger generation.

Last week the Senate had a meeting which focused on discussing Pennsylvania’s gambling market, more exactly looking for ways to improve the casino industry’s current situation.

One of the issues advanced at the meeting was the topic of casinos with racetracks. According to the bill proposed by the Senate these types of casinos can move their OTB locations in order to achieve a better profit. The bill would also allow racetrack casinos to open up to four new satellite facilities, taking into consideration the overall limit of 5000 slots. The fee for each satellite casino is $5 million.

The casino satellite act would bring benefits to the host municipality and county due to the steady stream of revenues expected to result from such action.


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