The oldest games in the book

The oldest games in the book

When playing at online casinos you may sometimes forget that these are not new games. Sure, video slot machines and arcade games haven’t been around for such a long time, but others have. Let’s take a look at the history and evolution of some of the oldest casino games.

During the 1500’s, Blaise Pascal was one of the world’s leading physicists. He had a burning desire to invent something that would blow everyone away. One of his ideas was to make a perpetual motion machine. That’s basically a machine that never stops moving and spinning. It uses the energy of its own motion to keep spinning. Obviously this didn’t work out but it did lead to him to creating the modern-day roulette wheel. He didn’t exactly realize this at the time but by the 18th century the French took the wheel and created a game around it.

Have you heard about the book Don Quixote? At least in passing you might have heard about him and his adventures. The reason I bring this up is because the guy who wrote that book also wrote a book called Rinconete y Cortadillo. This book has a couple of characters who manage to cheat in a game called Ventiuna. Ventiuna means “21” in Spanish. The book clearly states that the object of the game was to hit 21 without going over. The book was written in 1601 so we can safely assume that Blackjack had already been around for some time.

Keno might seem like a fairly recent game. But you would be wrong in assuming so. According to certain legends, Keno dates back to the building of The Great Wall of China. They apparently invented it in an effort to raise money to help build the wall in a time of war. It wasn’t exactly the same game we know nowadays, but the concept was the same. Even our modern version dates back to the 19th century when Chinese immigrants brought the game to the West.

So there you have it, three casino games which have a longer history than you might have imagined and have stood the test of time. Today, these games are more popular than ever and if you haven’t tried them yet make sure to put them on your bucket list.


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