The joys of playing Keno

The joys of playing Keno

Keno is one of the most successful casino games out there. Its simplicity is what attracts a lot of people since you can play it from a bar or in a restaurant. It’s a nice game of chance built on very simple and easy to learn rules.

The game involves a card with numbers ranging from 1 to 80. You choose the numbers you want to bet on, up to 10, and wager whatever sum of money you want at the Keno desk. Then 20 numbers are randomly selected through a computer or with Keno balls. All the winning wagers are paid out and the next game can begin.

A lot of Keno players try to use strategies. This will more often than not include choosing the upper or lower half of all available numbers. But this is mostly just superstition because no matter what numbers you choose, the numbers that will be extracted will still be completely random. The house has a pretty high percentage in Keno which makes it a very good game for them, compared to a lot of other games.

Some casinos even have people that will gather your bet, take it to the desk, and come back with your ticket, so you can just sit at your table and enjoy your leisure time without needing to get up. If that is not luxury I don’t know what is.


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