The impact of online gambling on land-based casinos

The impact of online gambling on land-based casinos

Tim Shea, resident of the Pennsylvania Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association Inc., stated in a PennLive interview that iGaming is to have a “devastating impact” on Pennsylvania’s land-based casino operations.

Making abstraction of the precise issues in Pennsylvania, experts are in fact saying that regulated online gambling will not have the effect that mister Shea is describing. Although opponent of the online gambling bills are supporting Shea’s comments, the record can be set straight by current studies outlining the already seen effects and perceived future ones that internet gaming has and will have on the commercial casino industry as a whole.

Shea reportedly bases hi conclusions on a 2011 study performed by UNLV’s Gaming Research and Review Journal, titled “The Effect of Online Gaming on Commercial Casino Revenue” and is authored by Kahlil Philander.

In a new research paper from 2015, titled “Consumer Spending in the Gaming Industry”, Kahlil, a co-author this time, factually concludes that casino revenues for land-based operators would actually “be enhanced by the addition of online gambling.”

These assertions can be corroborated by looking at how Nevada and New Jersey have conducted their regulation of iGaming and the revenue results henceforth. Nevada is at the top of the game with reinventing features for gambling pros and newbies alike. With the first time WSOP bracelet event hitting full-fledged this summer gamblers have reported high excitement for the idea. Also incorporating new tech, Nevada has managed to allow players at live tables to also engage in online sessions at the same time.

In New Jersey there are reports that brink-and-mortar casinos’ majority of online players are completely new to the gambling scene, with 90% of players being first time patrons of the casinos. These new online players are also seen visiting the actual casino floor.


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