The Extreme Blackjack game

The Extreme Blackjack game

Blackjack is a classic. This is why it comes back better and stronger year after year, and with more variants based on the traditional game. With Spanish 21, 21st Century Blackjack, Double Exposure, Switch, Multiple Action, and Super Fun 21, who would have thought that there would be more space for yet another version of this world-wide popular game?

Well, we didn’t, and most likely you haven’t even heard of Blackjack Extreme. That’s just how new it is to the gambling world. While playing regular Blackjack you will find yourself in a duel with the dealer – that is if you’re the only other player at the table. With Blackjack Extreme, the players will actually be playing against each other, so that’s a major change to the base game right there.

The thing about Extreme is that online casino operators have not yet figured out how to implement it into their platforms, but more and more people are playing it live in their own homes, with family and friends. Extreme is a mix between the classic Blackjack and Poker so this may be why it has become so popular so fast.

In this BJ variant you will follow the usual rules but an extra betting round will be offered. The point is to bluff well, bet big, and stay ahead of the competition. Only then can you boast to playing a near-professional game and raking in the winnings like a real pro.

The reason we say that this game is a mix with Poker is because it is played sitting at a Poker table. Also, the player will one by one become the dealer as the cards are dealt one facing up and one facing down. Now, the fact that there are some cards showing will allow you to figure out what cards might be left in the deck.

The first betting round ensues and the dealer must accept a huge wager in order to stay in the game. The first round everyone bets blind.

The dealer has a slight advantage in that his cards are dealt face down. He can take a peek at them and turn up only the one he considers will help him win the hand. The dealer must be a master bluffer if he is to win, since he’s got an advantage of knowing both cards and playing one as a weakness of a strength.

Now all players will bet again. If the players choose to Raise then the bet will have to be doubled or even more can be wagered if there is enough confidence in the win. In this case the player that Raises will have to take one more card, at least. If you bet the same amount as in the blind betting round then you will be Checking.

If the hand is not satisfactory, and you cannot possibly raise its value with other cards coming in, then you can Fold and keep half of the blind bet money. The dealer also has the option of Folding. In case the dealer folds he is obligated to split half the pot between the players that have not folded. Otherwise he can continue betting.


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