The 2015 Norwegian Championships will be held at home

The 2015 Norwegian Championships will be held at home

Norwegian poker enthusiasts should rejoice because this year’s Norwegian Poker Championship will finally be held in their country. This is great news for them because for the last 13 years this tournament had to be held in other countries like England, Ireland and Latvia. The reason for this is the countries rather archaic gaming laws.

Last year this tournament was held in Dublin, Ireland and Vegard Nygaard dominated a field of 1263 entrants to take the first prize of €102,780 home. Since traveling will no longer be a problem now, the organizers are expecting over 2000 players to turn up. This would make the event the biggest Norwegian Championship to date.

The efforts to host the championship on home soil started last year when Ola Amundsgard, a Norwegian poker professional, challenged all members of the Norwegian parliament to a heads-up freeroll in order to prove that poker was a game of skill.

Luckily for him Erlen Wiborg from the Progress Party took up the challenge. Amundsgard won after 1056 hands and he was willing to part with $170,000 of his own money if he had lost. This event attracted the attention of a lot of people within parliament and finally gave them the necessary momentum to create their first-ever live event.


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