Ten rules to keep in mind when gambling

Ten rules to keep in mind when gambling

Gambling can be fun, but, if you are not considerate of the situation, other players, the dealer, or even the actual casino, you might find yourself on your way out and with a nice ban attached to your name. Online casinos are not any more tolerant of erratic behavior than regular, land-based casinos are. So, eyes peeled and read on, if you want to have a spotless gambling career.

The first and most obvious rule, one that applies to anything and everything is: Do not cheat. So many people have been caught cheating that we have lost track. Sooner or later you will be caught even if you do think your trick is foolproof. Needless to say, a high possibility of ending up in jail does exist.

Another important rule that will keep you in good standing with the casino operators, is actually to be in good standing with the operators. This means paying off any bets you may have added up over the last few games. No one likes a person that doesn’t keep his word and why should casinos be any different?

Yes, you can win at the casinos, if you are very good, have a good handle on game strategies and pay attention to what’s going on around you. But, rule number three also dictates that you must expect to be losing as well. Make sure you don’t set yourself up for failing by believing that you will be winning forever, even if you are going through a winning streak at the moment.

One of the most useful rules we have to impart is: don’t believe in superstition. Any game has odds and if you ignore them and simply go with your gut, chances are that the loss will sneak up on you and the disappointment will be even higher seeing as you were expecting to win.

Every seasoned player knows when to bet, when to call, and when to fold. Do not ruin your bankroll by over-betting. Only spread as much as you can stretch, otherwise cut your losses and retreat like a real pro, in style.

Rule number six warns against fake betting systems. Sure you can read a few good books on the subject but generally the multitude of information that’s out there is just hocus-pocus and will not get you too far. Eventually a fake system will come to the surface and you’ll be upset you listened to that charlatan that told you to do this and that in this way.

Unless we’re taking insane amounts of money and an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reach them then our best advice is don’t take hedge bets. Hedge bets are like the insurance you take in Blackjack- highly possible to bankrupt you. So, watch out for the hedges and bet clean.

Because casinos tend to have a few variations for games rules it’s good to find the best possible rules book and apply them word for word.

Thinking of making a side bet Don’! Side bets usually lose and are in place as an extra game within the game. A real pro knows what they are after and does not need the incentive of a side bet in order to play for the win.

Last but not least, during a game, it is extremely important to play well, be a good sport, and behave like a gentleman/woman. No one likes a drama queen or a sore loser so make sure you act professional or other will be thinking twice before playing with you again.


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