Tejon Indians dream of building casino

Tejon Indians dream of building casino

In California, the Bakersfield county planning department, together with the Tejon tribe, is looking to sculpt an agreement for a successful partnership. News relays from last June revealed the tribe had plans to build a new casino at the Highway 99 and Interstate 5 crossroad. The casino would be built on 300 acres of Mettler land.

According to Tuesday’s statements, the tribe is moving forward with establishing a reservation, seeing as at the moment the said land is in escrow. Officials state that the land could become self-governing land for the tribe, in the near future, but nothing is yet decided about the proposal to building a new casino.

The Tejon Indians, being an independent nation, could actually make its own fire and police laws and enforcements. Despite this freedom, they are currently talking over terms and conditions that would allow the tribe to share in the county’s services.

Tribe Administrator William Gollnick stated about the efforts taking place on both sides: “The tribe can negotiate with the county, define a joint level of service and both contribute to that. We can say the level of service is fine. We can bring in dollars from both sides and mitigate costs on both sides.”

Since the Tejon Indians are the only recognized tribe in the area, the county is looking to be properly informed before taking a decision during the Board of Supervisor’s Session from Tuesday afternoon.


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