Talks of Tetris slot game

Talks of Tetris slot game

The papers have been signed and Tetris looks to be the newest trend in online casino gambling. Most people born after 1990 might not see the appeal in releasing a Tetris slot game as they did not grow up playing this notoriously fun and famous game.

Back in the day the Tetris game benefitted from worldwide popularity through the GameBoy platforms but not only. Some experts state that the game actually became addictive at the time and many a players spent countless hours delighting in this entertaining pass-time. Even gamers that never really played it have heard of this widespread game.

Nowadays countless websites allow Tetris aficionados to play the game online for free. With 30 years behind and still going strong the need for a Tetris slot machine is apparent. According to the Tetris website, more than 525 million paid downloads have amassed and there are still “billions of games played online per year”, all based round the original Tetris concept.

Seeing as Tetris is a simple enough game and most online slot games are made in the same fashion, it should not have a problem being liked and played by gamblers worldwide. A set deadline has not been determined yet and speculations point to a period between 8 months and one year for the game to be out and about in the online market.

Considering the deal has just been struck, fans will most likely have to wait quite a bit of time before they can get their hands on this infamous game.


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