Superstitions and Beliefs in Casinos

Superstitions and Beliefs in Casinos

If there is one place on the earth where luck truly matters, it’s surely a casino. This is the main reason that a lot of players have developed their own forms of superstition. Take a look around a casino next time you find yourself in one and you will surely meet some players who have their own beliefs about what it takes to influence their luck. Here are some of the more popular forms of superstition that gamblers like to believe in.

Dress for Success

Some of the most common superstitions are centered around what a player wears or doesn’t wear around the tables. Pick any characteristic of clothing and I guarantee that someone somewhere has a belief surrounding it. Everyone knows a player who has a lucky shirt, shoes or any other item of clothing that he thinks will bring him countless wins. On the other side of this superstition are players who believe that avoiding certain items of clothing will guarantee them a win. For example a lot of Roulette players believe that not wearing socks will help them at the tables.

Colour Matters

Colour is also a central point of interest for a lot of gamblers that believe in superstitions. Most of them have a preferred colour which they prefer to wear when going on a gambling spree. The opposite is also valid since some players will always avoid wearing certain colours from fear of bad luck. The most interesting part is that there doesn’t seem to be a defined set of choices. All players have different colours which they consider either lucky or unlucky. Green for example might be the favoured colour of one player while another might consider it his gambling Kryptonite. This shows that most of the time superstition comes down to choice and personal experiences.

Lucky Numbers

If you’ve spent any amount of time inside of a casino you probably know that the most popular lucky number is seven, while the most popular unlucky number is 13. The number seven gets this attributed to it mostly because of Craps. When rolling a set of dice the most common number that will show up will be 7, as it is the average when rolling two dice. These numbers will also change depending on where you are playing. For example in Italy 13 is considered lucky, while in Spain 15 is considered the lucky number of choice for gamblers.

One of the most successful superstitions, at least in the city of Las Vegas is that you should not use 50-dollar bills to pay for chips or to settle any gambling debts. This is considered a very unlucky act whether you are the person paying the debt or the one receiving it. Contrary to a lot of other beliefs this one might actually have a practical basis. With the older style of bills that were used in the US, a 50-dollar bill could have very easily been mistaken for a five-dollar bill, meaning that people would sometimes try to scam others with this simple trick.


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