Star Jake Johnson remembers his childhood gambling phase

Star Jake Johnson remembers his childhood gambling phase

Actor Jake Johnson is promoting his newest indie movie, Digging for Fire. In it he plays a husband who finds himself on quite the adventure after he uncovers a bone and a gun buried in his backyard. While his movie is surely interesting, he has already been promoting it for quite some time now. So he also opened up a little about his childhood, his uncle Eddie and how he introduced gambling into his life.

When he was 15 years old his uncle Eddie who was living in Florida at the time decided to move to Illinois. His mother made arrangements so his uncle could get a house and he immediately moved over. His uncle was a bit of a shady individual and slowly but surely he started asking him if he likes football and how he feels about gambling. He then convinced him to organize a gambling pool for his friends in which they would bet on football games for 5 dollars each. After the season was over, he told him that he should give $200 to his closest friend and tell him he won to shut up about it, and he could keep the rest. Basically his uncle was teaching him how to scam his friends with sports betting.

Johnson was absolutely convinced that the cops would come and arrest him but obviously no one ever came. So this is how he had a one in a lifetime experience and also learned a valuable lesson about gambling and the murky underside of it all.


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