Spain will restrict online gambling ads

Spain will restrict online gambling ads

Spain has started taking measures in order to provide a stricter regulation over advertising of online gambling. This announcement comes from the Spanish gambling regulator, Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego. There restrictions will soon affect any service or product related to online gambling which is aimed towards Spanish players.

The main goal that this new regulation tries to impose is the negative impact that this type of advertisements may have. This includes attracting underage residents and those who are prone to problem gambling. All operators who cater to Spanish customers have to comply with these new rules or they will face some hefty fines.

The proposal will force gambling commercials to only be aired between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM. This will obviously affect Spanish sports clubs, casinos and even media channels which benefited from the airing of these commercials. Under this new regulation, any in-show promotions of services or products which are related to gambling are strictly prohibited.

Even though this regulation is moving forward, the gambling sector in Spain is currently expanding and soon, Spanish players will also have access to online slot machines. This is another reason why regulators are trying to hurry up in their efforts to protect players. Advertising online gambling in any form on sites which are geared towards underage residents will also be illegal.

This all comes in an effort to promote responsible gambling but they are expecting this decision to make some waves and have a negative impact on operators which are already operating in Spain.


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