Spain expands online gambling industry

Spain expands online gambling industry

On June 1st Spain’s General Directorate of Gaming announced that 53 new licenses were awarded to online gambling operators. Regulators approved the introduction of online slots and betting exchange in the Spanish gambling market in order to offer the online gambling industry the boost it needed. Therefore, Spain is now expanding its online gambling sector.

Operators and affiliated companies are already showing their interest. Existing operators have obtained permission for expanding their slots gaming sector. On the other hand, France is falling behind due to strict regulations and government members opposing this type of strategy.

France representatives are refusing to tolerate the introduction of the eGaming venture that is sure to expand the online gambling market and populate it with casino games. The main reason for this restriction are the presidential elections due to in 18 months. Lawmakers do not want fluctuations in the market and so no changes are planned yet.

Spain is expanding its online gambling industry and online gambling operators should now receive licenses effortlessly. This means a significant growth in online gambling industry revenue and more job opportunities for Spanish citizens.


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