South Indian state to build casino

South Indian state to build casino

The gambling market is slowly but surely opening up new opportunities in India. Very few states in the territory have so far legalized gambling, with Daman, Goa, and Sikkim being the only ones to allow casino operations.

Andhra Pradesh is the first state in Southern India that is seriously considering the building of a casino. Casino gambling industry experts are predicting that Visakhapatnam will soon allow this business to flourish on their grounds.

With both Indian companies and foreign investors interested in financing this new venture, the sky is the limit. Job opportunities will also be created for the locals, as much from the construction project as from the ensuing casino resulting from it.

Also, Southern Indians interested in experiencing their first casino visit are also going to be flocking to cross the borders of Andhra Pradesh. The tourism industry will flourish as this would be the first casino in the Southern area of India.

Two major casinos, one from Malaysia and one from Goa are conducting heated debates with the Indian governments in their bid to get the licenses for the casino in Andhra Pradesh. This move will instantly help boost the region’s economy which is currently in a rather deplorable state.

This state has been proposed for the new casino site because of the gorgeous coastline. The plans are to include other forms of entertainment within the casino project and have players enjoy the beach as well as the games and hospitality amenities.


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