Slots player gamble more if they find human qualities in games

Slots player gamble more if they find human qualities in games

A recent study has found a direct correlation between gamblers perceiving humanlike qualities in slot machines and how much money they are spending.

This study which was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology tried to examine the theory that people gamble more on slot machines if they think they’re playing against humanlike minds rather than computerized algorithms. The title of the study which is “Humanizing Machines: Anthropomorphization of Slot Machines Increases Gambling” would indicate that the Italian researchers concluded that this theory is correct.

Within their research they conducted four separate tests in which participants were asked to play a simple slots interface which had just two options: spin again or stop playing. The control group were told before that the machine operated by using a computer algorithm which was programmed to deliver a fixed percentage of wins and losses over time.

The next group of subjects were told that the machine had a humanlike brain which had the power to decide whether a particular spin would be a win or a loss.

As they predicted, those who were told to view the machine as human chose to play longer than the other group. Combined with the traditional build-in house edge, this group also lost a lot more money than the other group. They also noted that “high-arousal positive emotions” also played a role in the effect of anthropomorphism on gambling behavior.


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