Slot hacking and getting caught red handed

Slot hacking and getting caught red handed

People will always try to beat the system. And when that doesn’t work some of them will straight up try to break the system with a sledgehammer and start pulling out its gooey bits. Which brings us to today’s subject, gambling cheaters.

Our first cheater is Dennis Nikrasch. Dennis was a regular at many casinos and one day he got the idea to try and hack a slot machine. In order to do this he ordered a slot machine from the manufacturer and started dismantling it to see how everything works. He eventually figured out how to modify the chips inside the machines to trigger a payoff whenever he wanted it.

The question was how could he modify the slot machines inside of casinos to do the same thing? So he organized a team of people who would position themselves inside casinos in places where cameras couldn’t watch, open a machine up and replace the chip inside in under a minute. Then another accomplice would simply walk in, play the machine and trigger the jackpot. It all came crashing down though after his own team set him up for a bust.

Then we have the story of Ronald Harris, an inspector for the Nevada Gaming Control board who started modifying the machines that he was supposed to inspect. He used a different tactic by programming the machines to pay out only when the lever was pulled in a certain pattern. His only problem was that being a member of the Nevada Gaming Control Board did not allow him to collect winnings from machines.

So, naturally, he got himself an accomplice, Reid Errol McNeal, who would later prove to be a bad choice. After winning $ 100,000 McNeal started acting suspicious. He showed no enthusiasm over his win and tried to leave the casino as fast as possible. After being tracked he was caught in his room where they found a police scanner, computer equipment, blueprints of the keno machines and his good buddy Ronald Harris himself. So although their plan was pretty smart, their partnership proved to be quite the opposite.


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