Russia planning a casino in Crimea

Russia planning a casino in Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin has just presented a draft law which would create a gambling zone in the territory of Crimea, now that they’ve declared it as a territory part of Russia.

Under this plan the area will become the fifth special gambling area for Russia, all of them far away from Moscow. Up until now only Azov City which is a coastal area east of Crimea has opened some casinos. These are some very ambitious plans to develop the Crimean economy from Mr. Putin. The authorities in Crimea will have to pick the location and extent of the planned casino zone.

Back in 2009 the Russian government decided to ban all casinos in Moscow. The town did have a problem with the proliferation of gambling right after the collapse of communism so this action is understandable.

The other areas which will soon turn into gambling zones are Primorye, in the Far East, Sibirskaya Moneta, in central Siberia, and Yantarnaya in Kaliningrad, by the Baltic Sea. Due to the difficult transition from Soviet Communism which took place in Ukraine, Crimean economy has suffered from a lot of corruption and neglect.

Putin also made a separate move on Monday when he signed legal amendments to allow Russian speakers from the former Soviet Union to acquire Russian citizenship faster and easier.


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