Rules of some popular Poker games

Rules of some popular Poker games

If you’ve ever visited a casino which has a lot of Poker tables you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of different variants of the game. Here are some of the more popular ones and a little background in their history and how they got so popular.

Stud Poker

In the game of Stud Poker, a player will be dealt a group of cards, usually either five or seven. The game has multiple rounds of face-up or face-down cards, where the first player who gets to bet can change from one round to the next.

Versions of this Poker variant date as far back as the 1770s, the main difference being that in that period only three cards were used. Five-card studs started to gain popularity in the 1860s when they proved to be a very popular game for Union and Confederate soldiers alike. In the last few decades, seven-card studs are the standard norm, both in and out of casinos.

The rules of these games vary largely depending on how many rounds will be played. For example games like Mississippi and five-card-stud which have four or less betting rounds work best with pot or no-limit play. Games that have more rounds on the other hand work way better with fixed or spread limits. Generally in these situations betting rounds will have higher and higher limits as the game advances. For example if a game is called $5/$10/$20 seven-card stud, it will allow $5 bets in the first rounds, $10 in the later rounds and $20 for the final round.

Draw Poker

While this is the first type of Poker that most beginners learn about, most casinos no longer offer draw poker tables. In this type of Poker game, a player will be dealt a number of cards at the beginning and his objective is to develop his hand round-by-round by drawing cards in a certain pattern. Thus a player will generally trade in from one to three cards in hopes of getting a better hand than his starting one. In home games of draw Poker there will be an ante bet but casino games generally just use blinds. Essentially, draw Poker is a positional type of game which can involve as many as eight players.

Community Card Poker

These types of Poker games distinguish themselves from other variations through the existence of “shared cards” which are also known as “community cards”. These cards will be shared by all players and they can all use them to make the best hands possible. Depending on how many cards are dealt to the players they can only use a certain number of them to make hands, together with the community cards of course.

Some of these games will have a couple of community cards while games like Texas Hold’em have five of them which are split into three phases. First there is the flop which consists of three cards, then there are the turn and river consisting of one card each. Some of the more popular Poker variants which are enjoyed nowadays are of this variety so your best bet is to learn one of these games.


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