Romania is issuing some new online gambling licenses

Romania is issuing some new online gambling licenses

The government of Romania has recently issued a new batch of online gambling licenses, with a lot of well-known companies jumping onto this opportunity. Romania has approved this new online gambling regime this spring, but with a small request. They want all the applicants to pay back taxes worth 20% of the revenue that they had earned from Romanian players in the previous five years. In July, the country showed that it totally meant business when they released an online gambling blacklist which contained about 48 domains.

They have issued a fresh batch of provisional licenses, which would bring the total number of approved operators to 12. Though many of them weren’t very happy about the imposed tax they would have to pay, they will still do it because Romania is quite a big market for such things so they wouldn’t want to be missing out.

It would seem that more and more smaller countries are opening their gates wide for different gambling investors because they can clearly see there is profit to be made out of this business. We will probably start seeing more countries start doing this in the hopes of investors establishing headquarters over there.


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