Respin element from Microgaming

Respin element from Microgaming

Microgaming is a world-known game and software developer that caters specifically to online casinos. Since its launch in 1994 Microgaming has partnered up with multiple casinos and this has secured international fame. If you’re operating a casino and your game provider is Microgaming, then, most likely you will have over 500 games, plus roulette, poker, craps, and baccarat, to offer your patrons.

Now that we’ve established that Microgaming is reliable and a leader in casino game development, let’s have a look at what really distinguishes it from the crowd. Besides the fact that Microgaming continually improves the gaming market and releases new games each month, it also introduces new features that players can definitely take advantage of with each new game.

The newest feature released by Microgaming in the past short while is the Respin feature. Among the games to get such an update were Retro Reels and Retro Reels Diamond Glitz. This is an extra that lets players choose other moves that are not usually offered in the regular game, so players are faced with unusual choices and must think hard about their next step.

As with any normal online slot game, the player must sign in, choose the bet size he wishes to play and hit the Spin button in order to make the reels spin. After retrieving any wins, which are added to the credit’s bar, the game starts to get interesting. Enter the Respin feature. There is a Respin button below each of the reels and there is a value attributed to each Respin.

The value of the Respin is literally an extra wager that the player must place in order to make use of the feature. The fun thing about this feature is that you get to spin each reel at a time and choose to use the Respin feature as many times as you like. The reel you choose will spin while the others will stay in place. All wins will be added to the credits total.

If you’re done using the feature you can hit the Spin button at any time in order to go back to normal play. Now, you might have the tendency to get carried away with this spin feature. To keep that from happening remember that if the spin conferred the proper payout before hitting the Respin feature, then you probably do not need to use the feature at all.

Also, since there is no way of determining what symbols you might get from any spin, it’s best to be mindful of how many Respins you choose to play. Less is always better and your bankroll will thank you for it.

One advice: if the one of the Respin reels offers the 0.01 bet version, there is no real point in choosing to spin this reel because most of the times you will not have the required matching symbols to create a winning situation.

Whatever they may say about this new feature, the fact is that it does make the game more engaging and exciting and it’s nice to see some things are refreshed and a little spice is added to the action.


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