Resident of New Jersey excited about new casino scene

Resident of New Jersey excited about new casino scene

Casinos in Hudson, Bergen, and Essex counties might become reality thanks to a new bill that would allow residents in Jersey City to vote on the matter.

Residents are excited about the idea of building casinos close to home so that they would not have to travel 120 miles to Atlantic City. People from different parts of the city were polled and asked their opinion on whether it would be beneficial to build new casinos in Jersey City. The answers were positive as citizens of various age groups responded excitedly when considering the prospect.

Latisha Palmer, age 29, of Jersey City admitted “I think it would be great. It’s something different to do in the area.” At the moment the state only allows gambling in Atlantic City. Most residents feel it is a hassle to travel so far and only manage to do so during time off from their jobs. A woman of Jersey City, who chose not to disclose her name, said that “No one wants to go to New York or Pennsylvania”.

Due to the substantial distance to Atlantic City, residents of Jersey City admit not to spend much time there, but, they also confess that they do like rolling the dice or hitting the slots and a casino in the area would be most welcome. Some will miss the opportunity to try their luck at a game of chance. Robert Perry, who is moving to North Carolina, stated “If I was staying, you know I would say yes” when referring to the prospect of a new casino. Perry will be moving after 40 years spent in Jersey City.

Equally, aside from the fun provided by a new casino, people are interested in the new jobs this new venture will generate. Mynor Lemus, 51, attested that the new development “[Is] a good thing. It will bring more jobs to resident.” The poll concluded that the majority of the population is pro-bill and are hoping legislators will pass it into being.

Vivian Gray, 35, who spends most of her vacation time in Atlantic City with her family, when asked how she felt about a new casino close to home, put it simply: “I would love that.”


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