Privacy Policy

Privacy is of the utmost importance:

We are always looking to provide the best services to our users and for this reason we present to you the best practices for privacy on the Vision Forum site. Here you will learn what we do with your privacy info and your mind we be put at ease that we are taking all imperious precautions for you to have a safe and secure experience.

What info we need:

The privacy policy set forth applies to all information gathered or submitted by you to the Vision Forum website. Personal information might be required in order to access certain pages of our website. Your full name and email address, global location, country of origin, and other details will be required for you to make an account.

Some users will want to pass the info along and for this reason we have the option of forwarding articles and other interesting information to friends and family via email and social media. Items such as name, email address, and other pertinent details will be required for these purposes.

Promos or marketing data will not be sent to your submitted email address unless you tick the box that particularly asks for these deals to be sent to you. Thus, we will only be sending you information regarding your particular account when necessary. Vision Forum will not be distributing any info related to your personal details.

Using your personal info:

Unless necessary by law, the information you provide upon signing up with Vision Forum will not be released to any outside entities. These details will only be used for our own purposes and will solely represent a simple user profile.

In the case where you ask to receive promo and marketing info, our partners will be sending you relevant data about the freshest online casino bonus offerings as well as daily, weekly, or monthly promotions, and any other such related material. As a registered user your activity will be stored in our data base as cookies or session info, in case you would like your password remembered or wish to stay logged in.

In the latter case, the info stored will not release any identifiable details as to your identity or other important details, and in the eventuality that the cookies store any info this will be secure and will not be readable by someone with access to your computer. This privacy policy clearly states that we will not use identity info for any other purposes aside from the ones stated within this policy.

Data safety:

Data theft will not be possible since we have ensured a secure protocol and system in order to keep your information safely stored. We are adamant about keeping any breach of security at bay and locking out any attempt to a system compromise.

Underage Sign-up:

Minors under the age of 18 are under any circumstances not authorized access to our site. For this reason we have implemented an age declaration box, to make sure everyone meets our minimum age requirement.

Contact us:

If you have any questions of concerns about any of the details written herein this privacy policy you can contact us by browsing to the Vision Forum contact page. The customer service department should be able to provide clarifications regarding any related topic.