Practical schemes for playing Roulette

Practical schemes for playing Roulette

People have tried to find ways to beat the game of Roulette since its invention. Many have tried and many have failed over the years. A lot of people have tried selling such guides to gullible people saying that it’s a 100% efficient method. None of the methods are optimal but here are some of the best ones that can be tried.

Wheel Bias

This refers to finding a physical imperfection on the wheel which can be exploited. Finding this may prove to be almost impossible but if this bias exists it can still be manipulated for profit. This bias might just be temporary, like wax building up on the wheel. Or it might be permanent like a structural defect in the wheel, a manufacturing error or simple wear and tear which has affected the wheel. Examples of this are: a rotary bias (caused by components that create the wheel’s spinning capacity), imperfections of the cone’s panels or small scratches or grooves which can form over the course of time.

Sector targeting with high-tech devices

In the UK in 2004, two men and a woman used a laser scanner which was hidden inside of a cell phone to help beat a roulette wheel. After checking the security tapes, which is a common procedure when a player wins big, the casino noticed the trick.

Their strategy is called “sector targeting”. Players can try increasing their odds of winning if they can accurately calculate the speed of the ball. They achieve this by measuring how much the balls needs to pass through the same point twice. They send this information to a computer where the ball’s velocity and its “decaying orbit” is calculated. The computer will then tell you where the ball is likely to come to rest. This system can’t predict the exact spot that the ball will land on but it can estimate in which sector with pretty good accuracy.

The math behind this technique involves just two equations, one for the ball and one for the wheel. It also has to take account of some parameters which are: the size of the ball, the shape and harshness of the track, the mass of the ball and the tilt of the wheel.

Visual Ballistics

This is pretty much the same thing as sector targeting only without the use of any devices. This means that you have to make the calculations in your head. A lot of people say that this system has very poor results and some even say that it’s next to impossible to use it properly.

Instead of trying to figure out different ways of exploiting the game of Roulette to your advantage you should just play the game and enjoy it. With laws in place nowadays to stop these things you won’t get very far anyway.


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