Poker Hall of Fame 2015

Poker Hall of Fame 2015

There are 10 finalists proposed for induction into the Poker Hall of Fame for the year 2015. The list was released publicly on September 8 in Las Vegas, after public voting and nominations selection performed by the PHOF Governing Council.

The finalists are:

  • David Chiu
  • Jennifer Harman
  • Carlos Mortensen
  • Terry Rogers
  • David “Devilfish” Ulliott
  • Chris Bjorin
  • Bruno Fitoussi
  • John Juanda
  • Max Pescatori
  • Matt Savage

Now that the first stage, that of the initial selection, is over, the second stage shall ensue. This consists in determining who will be inducted, out of the 10 finalists, into the Hall of Fame. The current Hall of Fame members together with an exclusive media members panel will have final say.

Six of the finalists are names already previously proposed while 4 are brand new on the list. The likes of Terry Rogers, Matt Savage, Max Pescatori, Carlos Mortensen and John Juanda are not new to the nominations, while Harman and Bjorin have seen their names on this list every year over the last four years.

The Hall of Fame is currently composed of 23 living members and will decide upon the inductees together with the panel composed of 16 people, all from the media.

Here are the criteria by which the inductions will be decided:

  • the player must have played poker against known top players
  • the player must be at least 40 years of age
  • the player must have engaged in high stakes plays
  • the player must have played at an excellent level and in a constant manner so as to gain respect from his peers
  • the player must be a veteran poker player
  • is a non-player is nominated, then he or she must have greatly contributed to improving the game


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