Poker Cup Red Dragon has a winner

Poker Cup Red Dragon has a winner

The final of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon took place between fellow Chinese players Yue Feng Pan and Shao Po Liu. The coveted prize went to the well-deserving Feng Pan after an epic poker battle.

This brings an 8th winning to China as the two players confronted each other in the final and one of them managed to take the Macau Poker Cup 23 Red Dragon trophy home.

With 4,105 players attending this year’s MPC23 event hosts a record number of players in its history. The prize pool for the main event of this year is HK$9,899,890, and although it is a slightly lower sum compared to last year’s pool, it is still a pretty huge sum to win.

Last year Yuguang Li was the victor of the Red Dragon event and he also conquered the High Roller event, gaining a prize of $450,000 American dollars.

This year Pan has already amassed a prize of $272,000, smashing everyone in his way. One by one players started being eliminated, commencing with Bin Wen Ren who was betting on an ace which flopped. Huafeng Gu was next to be eliminated when Long Wen Zhu called him out with pocket eights.

Pan eliminated Xong Xin Liu which ended up in seventh place. Long Wen Zhu went out in 5th place and Tsai in 3rd. Pan’s second tournament ever provided an amazing prize with 1st place and a HK$2,108,000 sum to take home.


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