Pai Gow Poker and Co.

Pai Gow Poker and Co.

Surely most people know about Poker and real aficionados also know this notorious casino game can bring in some impressive amount of money. But, we’re willing to bet not a lot of people know or have yet played Pai Gow Poker. This variant comes from the Chinese pai gow dominoes game only that it is played with a standard 52-card deck.

Fred Wolf and Sam Torosian are the inventors of Pai Gow Poker and they also came up with Super Pan-9. The purpose of Pai Gow Poker is to defeat the banker’s hand. In this game anyone can be the banker, be it the actually dealer or any of the players at the table. The other big difference in this type of poker game is the need for a Joker card.

If Texas Holdem, Razz, or Omaha games have crossed your path and you are searching for something to refresh your experience and skill-set, then Pai Gow is the way to go. In this game you must achieve two winning hands in order to take home the pot. One hand will contain 5 cards, called the “behind” or high”, and the other 2 cards which will be the poker hand and is also called the “in front” or “low”.

The game necessitates a total number of 7 players, including the dealer, and if a seat is vacant the cards will still be dealt out for the missing player but then discarded along with 4 cards from each pile of 7 cards that the players receive. As far as hand rankings go, for a 2-card hand you need a pair or high cards to win, and for the 5-card hand you use standard poker rankings.

Of course both your hands must beat the banker’s hand otherwise it’s a “push” or a loss. The game is definitely complex, don’t get us wrong, but it is also a breath of fresh air if you’re used to playing regular poker, whether online, on mobile or in a real casino. As with anything in life you must learn the rules and persevere in order to start raking in winnings. Good luck!


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