Online gambling requirements measured by AFJEL

Online gambling requirements measured by AFJEL

A five year assessment made by The Association Francaise du Jeu en Ligne concluded that it is a mixed picture that emerges from these five years of activity for the entire industry whose situation is still very fragile and whose future is still uncertain”. The study was conducted in order to evaluate the rate of growth for the gambling industry in France.

Most of AFJEL objectives were reached following the study. The organization was looking to reinforce the need for fair and safe gaming as well as making sure sporting events and gaming activities are conducted in a transparent manner. The AFJEL also works to prevent money-laundering and financing of sports.

A few issues were identified. The AFJEL is still struggling to regulate illegal and unlicensed gambling operators. Other issues included high tax levels and limited availability for poker and sports wagering. Compared to other E.U. countries the tax levels in France are currently at 46%. Denmark stands at 20%, UK at 15%, and Belgium at an incredible 11%.

The gambling operators are paying such high taxes due to the fact that 45% of French players choose illegal or unlicensed sites to place their bets. This makes it difficult for the government to collect revenue from this business sector. Clearly, France needs to implement a better regulatory system for the online casino industry.

French lawmakers are being prompted by the AFJEL to make the necessary tax regime adjustments and collect revenue based on gross income. Also, they are asking for a reevaluation and optimization of poker, sports betting and online casino regulations.


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