Online Gambling in Canada

Online Gambling in Canada

The grey area surrounding online gambling will soon be filled with favourable laws and investment. According to an American online gambling expert, this stems mostly from the laws that are currently in place in Canada. Their code of laws lacks an adequate provision for online gambling and everything in regards to it.

Not one person has ever been charged with a penalty of any kind for playing online casino games. Thus online casinos are doing just find under this loophole of the Criminal Code of Canada that can only penalize illegal gambling activity that falls under recognized areas of code. What this means is that a lot of operators have found a lot of ways to avoid being classified illegal under this current Canadian criminal code.

Online provider giant Amaya has its main headquarters in Canada and they are currently implementing a plan to take over the global online gambling market. They have just recently acquired two huge online gaming brands for $4.9 billion and many believe that this is just their first step in an effort to spread their brand over various platforms.

Thus the legalization of online gambling in Canada seems inevitable given all of these factors. The best testimony for this fact is that there are already a lot of online casinos who try to cater to Canadian players by offering them suitable promotions. So it would seem that things are looking up for all Canada based gamblers.


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