Online gambling hitting the mainstream

Online gambling hitting the mainstream

Online gambling is an exciting pastime. Due to its widespread availability it has slowly, but surely, garnered millions of users. And the numbers only keep rising. A new report would suggest that gambling is going to go more mainstream than it has ever before.

This research showed that by 2019, almost 10 perfect of the adult population of the planet will have gambled online or on a mobile device at least once. The biggest concentration of said gambling adults will come from the U.K. and Italy, though the United States will start chipping in with newly-licensed services coming into play.

Apparently there have been quite significant gains for companies in New Jersey and Delaware which have seen very substantial boosts in revenues in the last two years. While there might still be a lot of forces who are trying to maintain the status quo of online gambling in the US, slowly but surely the balance is tipping in favour of people who are for it.

All of this comes in the wake of a lot of problems different countries have had with their tax bases. Most of them consider that big investments in online gambling and taxing it efficiently might help a great deal in the coming years. The fact that HTML5 has better security has also helped solidify the position that online operators have in the world of gambling. Nothing but good news for online gambling enthusiasts.


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