Online Casino – Most Played Games

Online Casino – Most Played Games

Gambling can be exciting and fun as it involves luck and thrill. With online casinos catching up the market, many of the gambling lovers prefer this form due to its very many benefits. There are a number of real money casino games to choose from and unlike the real casinos, online casinos give wider opportunities for players to participate in a range of games.

The following list of games is the most popularly sought online casino games. These online casino games involve either the cards, dice or in many cases it’s a simple number that can trigger a winner.


If you are looking for a game of suspense then baccarat is the right one. The ease of play and simple instructions makes it the most preferred online games. In a game of baccarat either the player wins or the banker wins or you may end up in tie. Players have the option to bet on the banker’s hand or the player’s hand. Bets are placed even before the dealing of the cards.


It is a game of chance and one must be aware of the rules to expect a win. With the table for roulette separated into three different rows of 34, 35 and 36. There are red and black chips and placing it at appropriate places will stand a chance to win real money. When playing online casino games real money is involved and so it is advisable to take risks as much as you can bear. Never elevate your expectation for win too much as you may end up in losing what you have got.


It is a very favourite betting game for the gamblers. However, at times this game can be very loud and noisy when played in a real casino. It is for this reason that many of the novices in this field prefer online casino. The dice is rolled and the players have to wager on the number to appear on the dice. The winner is decided on the basis of the number appearing on the dice.

Slot machines

Players get lot of joy playing the slot machines as it does not require skill or talent. Just a simple pulling of the lever sets the spinning wheel into action. All you need to do is wait till it stops and the coins are put in place. If you get three cherries in a line you will get prize money. There are a number of free online casino slot games available for the casino lovers to pick from. Every slot machine will have its own pay out rules. Progressive slots are also one of the types of slots. A small amount from the total bet is taken into the collective account and the jackpot amount keeps on building until the payout is due.


It is the most popular game and is listed under the table games. There are many sites providing free casino games with bonus which can help in earning more points. It involves the strategies of hitting, splitting, pairing, standing and doubling.


One of the simplest yet fun filled casino games is the Bingo. Every player is handed a card with numbers placed in a grid with 5 rows and columns. Random numbers are picked by a player from a lot of coins numbered from 0 to 70. The players must mark the numbers if found in their respective cards. The first person to complete the Bingo pattern is declared the winner. Online bingo comes with added feature of automatic marking on the card of the numbers are called making it easier to play.


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