Online Bingo – not just a fad

Online Bingo – not just a fad

We’ve all seen our grandparents fill in crossword puzzles. What? What in the world are crossword puzzles? Yes, for many of you this concept is so obsolete that when you say the word you have to try and make up an image of what you think it might be. On the other hand, we’re willing to bet you’ve heard or even played Bingo. This old-time gambling game has stood the test of time and we’re going to reveal exactly why this is so.

Recent research shows that playing Bingo keeps the brain sharp due to the fact that the brain is counting numbers at a relatively high speed. Older people can actually outperform younger ones if they have been playing the game for an extended period of time. Not only does playing Bingo keep your brain in a good shape but it also increases mental speed, info scanning skills, and info retention- memory.

Apparently Bingo was a lot more popular among youth 15 years ago because of celebrities that promoted the game. Stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elle Macpherson, and Robbie Williams used to engage in Bingo and made a following of youth that used to also partake before hitting the clubs at night.

As the celebrity heat around Bingo died off the younger crowd also retreated but three million seniors with an average age of 49 are still partaking in the morning and afternoon sessions. As this search for numbers continues it seems to be improving cognitive abilities in aging people, since number searching together with patience, good listening and sustained attention are imperiously necessary to maintaining concentration at an advanced age stage.

The conclusion is that both traditional and online Bingo can help people maintain a good level of lucidity and concentration, as well as improve their listening skills, memory, and overall mental speeds.


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