One of the best Video Poker books

One of the best Video Poker books

For this article we’ve chosen to do a review of one of the most popular Video Poker books “Million Dollar Video Poker”. The book follows the life and gambling success of famous player Bob Dancers and outlines his rise to fame through one of the most popular casino games today.

The story spans events starting in 1973, when Dancer was known for playing a mean Backgammon game, and up to 2001 when he won $1 million over six months of playing solely Video Poker. Although published in 2003 this book still remains one of the most valuable jewels you can possess if you are seriously considering following in Bob’s footsteps.

It’s worth mentioning right here and now that this book is by no means a great all-encompassing guide to help you win all the time and become some millionaire bent on breaking records. This account is simply a story about a regular man that knew how to play the game and took advantage of his skill. Remember though that all stories carry a moral within them and little things here and there will definitely be enlightening to the tired reader/player.

The book begins, pertinently so, with a description of what Video Poker is and the terminology involved so that the unknowing reader will later on understand the references made. He then tells about his crude beginnings in 1973’s Las Vegas when Backgammon was the name of the game and he soon became a fiend at the table.

After realizing he didn’t know enough to continue playing without losing a considerable amount, he took a break and returned to the table in 1989. This time he was committed to succeed especially since he had lost his job recently.

It wasn’t until 1993 that Dancer finally decided to go all in towards a gambling career and he moved to Las Vegas permanently. It did take him a few good years to learn some basic Blackjack strategy but he endured during all those weekends when he would travel there and back in order to gain the experience needed for his next step.

One of the most amazing tools he now had at his disposal was the personal computer that was just being released to a wide public. Of course, with the advent of the PC came Video Poker and Dancer sourced out all he could so that he would have a strong hold on the strategy necessary to beat this online game based on the traditional Poker game.

For the next few years he worked his way up to the $100 machines from a bankroll of $6000 and also married his current wife. The climax of the story happens in 2001 when Bob finally gets his big chance with a casino promotion that gave over 100% returns. Together with his wife Shirley they managed to hit quite a few $100,000 royal flushes as well as some $400,000 royals.

The height of their lucky streak ended after six months when the casino running the promotion realized the error they had made. By this time it was too late and too good for the Dancers since they had already amassed $1 million in winnings.

We whole-heartedly recommend all players to read this book since it will give you some good insights into the game of Video Poker, as well as some comic relief related to gambling.


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