Old-fashioned table games are changing

Old-fashioned table games are changing

With slot machines being very popular over the last 20 years it was assumed that the new generations, ones raised on video games and mobile-based gaming, will more easily adhere to playing slot games than will be attracted by the felt tables.

Today it is clear that this assumption was completely erroneous. More and more young people are moving towards traditional table games, which means that these games will have to be refreshed and also that slot machines are becoming less and less interesting to the public.

It then follows that casino game developers are looking to release new and upgraded table games to satisfy the Millenials. Operators are also happy to see this turn of events with land-based and online operators alike taking steps into improving the games for the new generation of gamblers.

Experts look at the market trends that were in full development 10 years ago and admit that it was another game all-together. Back then the focus was on increasing the amount of automated tables and decreasing the felt table games since the scales were tipping more towards slot machine gambling.

The change in current has been pretty dramatic fueled by more professional table game dealers and better, more attractive content driving the table games. Because the online gambling market is leaning more and more towards mobile gambling, casino operators are taking more risks with the type of content and information their games are putting out.

Concomitantly, casinos are also exploring new player tracking software that will allow them to gear their products towards satisfying this new generation of casino patrons.


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